Just Risk or Risk & Compliance

Learn the differences between the 6clicks licenses types and what they offer

Just Risk

Our Just Risk license is best suited for Risk Managers to enable them to view and manage risk on the 6clicks Risk Register. To build a Risk Register, a 6clicks Risk Review can be sent out across your team to gather key information about the types of risk you face and their risk rating. To Build a Risk Review, you can send out your own identified risk whilst also using built-in Risk Libraries 

Risk can then be assessed using a Likelihood and Impact rating score, assigned a Treatment Plan and monitored according to the needs of the Risk.

Just Risk also offers various Risk-based reports, including a Risk Matrix, Risk Register Overview and Treatment Reports.

Certain 6clicks functionality is not offered in the Just Risk licences but is offered in our Risk & Compliance. This includes:

  • Design & Send Assessments
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Compliance Mapping
  • Control & Policy Designer
  • Schedule & Monitor Tasks
  • Compliance Attestations
  • Microsoft PowerBI Connector For Analytics

Risk & Compliance

The Risk & Compliance license opens up the 6clicks platform to include all Just Risk functionality and more.


One of the core functions of the 6clicks platform is creating and sending Assessments and Audits to internal users and third-party providers. These can then be used to generate reports detailing assessment outcomes or assigned issues to be actioned.


Registers are a great way to keep a custom list of items stored and readily available to be assessed and reviewed throughout your organisation. These registers can consist of events such as breaches, assets or any conflict of interest.

Issues & Incidents

Issues allow users to create a list of items that can be actioned and monitored by themselves or others. These can be linked to responses generated from an Assessment. Then actions can also be further generated and assigned to team members.


With 6clicks you can also run Atestitions and assign them throughout your organisation. These are comprised of attestation items of risk or controls,  then are attested by assigned users.

Policies & Controls 

The Policies and Control module allows users to create a library of policies that can be managed across your organisation. The 6clicks Marketplace also offers a list of controls to help get you started and some benchmarks to check your own policies. Once a set of policies have been created then you can start assigning responsibilities to individuals or groups and start actioning items. Responsibilities can be a once-off task or regular reoccurring checks whilst giving an audit trail of actions completed.


The 6clicks Marketplace houses a large array of external standards, laws and regulations. These Authorities can then be added to your 6clicks team. The authorities can be used to create assessments or controls and be used to ensure compliance standards are being met. To view a list of content in the 6clicks Marketplace, head here.