How to Setup and Run a Risk Review in 6clicks Risk Review for Teams (Mobile)

You will first need to download 6clicks Risk Review for Teams onto your mobile from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Once you have downloaded the app onto your mobile, start by signing into your 6clicks Risk Review for Teams account or create a new one by filling out your details

Tap  Create Review to get started with your first risk review, as pictured below.

Add the name for your risk review in the Name field at the top.

Enter the Risk Libraries tab and add risk libraries you feel would be relevant to your review.

View and confirm your selected risks under the Risks for Review tab. You can view the details for each risk by tapping on their name. If you wish to exclude any risks from your review, you can also toggle them off here.

If required, add a due date to the risk review by tapping the  Calendar on the top right hand side.

When you’re satisfied with the name, risks and due date of your risk review, hit Publish in the top right.

Before you get to the next step, invite others from your team to join your risk review!

Add their email addresses into the email field and add a custom message (optional).


When you reach the identify stage, you will be taken to your first risk card. Each risk card displays the name of the risk, a short description, common causes and potential impacts to educate and contextualise each risk for users.

If you feel a risk card is relevant to your risk review, swipe right, or use the tick button.

If you feel a risk card is relevant to your risk review, swipe right, or use the cross button 

If you swiped the risk to the wrong direction, hit the undo button in the bottom right to reverse this action. 

When you have finished swiping and hit this screen, navigate to the Assess stage to lock in your answers. 


Here you can assess the risks you selected as relevant during the Identify phase. If you want to filter out risk categories, tap the filter icon, toggle your preferred categories and hit  Apply

Tap on a risk to learn more about it. This is also where you can assess each for likelihood and impact (1). When you’ve assigned your ratings, tap next at the bottom, you will be taken to the next risk for you to assess. The progress bar (2) at the top helps you keep track of how many risks remain to be assessed.

When finished, look at the summary view of your identified risks to confirm your ratings for each risk. 


Here you can view a roll-up of all the data from your risk review in a series of charts. The default chart is a Risk Matrix (by team average), but other types include Assessment by Contributor and Team Engagement. 

To navigate between the different chart options, tap the arrows towards the top. Email yourself a detailed version of the chart by hitting the  Email me this chart in detail button.  

A .png file and .svg file will both immediately be sent directly to your inbox, similar to the one pictured below.

If you have a Just Risk or Risk and Compliance License you can also manage Risk Treatments within the app. To learn more, click here.