Creating and sending a Risk Review to Clients

6clicks allows you to send Risk Reviews to prospective and current clients.

To send a Risk Review, you will first need to ensure that you have created a Risk Library.

Once you have created a Risk Library, the next step is to set up your Risk Review. Head to Risks > Risk Review (1). Click New to create a New Risk Review (2).

Add the Name of your Risk Review and a Description (not mandatory). Then click Create Risk Review and you'll be navigated to the Risk Review Details screen.  

From the Risk Review Details screen the first step is to add Risk Libraries to your Risk Review by clicking the Add button next to each Risk Library. 

In this example, we will add the Cyber Security Risk Library.

Once you have added the Risk Library, the individual Risks will populate in the Risks section on the left, with further detail provided at the bottom of the screen. 

You can add multiple Risk Libraries to a Risk Review.

You can also create a new Risk to add to your Risk Review by selecting the Create a Risk tab and adding the following details:

  1. Risk Name
  2. Risk Description
  3. Select the Risk Category - click on a category to populate options
  4. The Common Causes (note each new line will be displayed as a dot point in the Mobile App)
  5. The Common Impacts (note each new line will be displayed as a dot point in the Mobile App)

Once complete, click Add Risk at the bottom right.

You can also exclude individual Risks from the Risk Review by selecting the Risk and clicking the Exclude button that appears at the top left of the screen.

 By default, all Risks are included in each Library selected. 

Publishing Your Risk Review

Once you have finished adding Risks to your Risk Review, the next step is to Publish the Risk Review. To do this, change the Status of the Risk Review from Draft to Published using the top right Status dropdown.

A number of new top-right buttons will appear once you have changed the Risk Review to Published. To share the Review Link with your clients, click Share Review Link, and Share Review modal will appear.

There are three options to share the Review Link:

  1. Copy the link and email the link directly to your Clients
  2. Individually send the link from the 6clicks Web App
  3. Bulk Send the link from the 6clicks Web App

Note that Clients signing up to complete a Risk Review will be required to download the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams mobile app onto their mobile device. A Client cannot participate in a Risk Review unless they download the Mobile App. The link they receive will automatically take them to the App Store (Android or iOS) when they open it on their mobile device.

1. To copy the link, click the Copy Link button and paste it into your email.

 2. To individually send the link from the 6clicks Web App enter the email address of the desired recipient and press Enter on your keyboard, add a message if you want, and then hit Send Invite.

The recipient will receive the below email.

3. To Bulk Send, upload your list of Recipients in an excel document under the header EmailAddress.

Add a custom message and then click Import & Send Invite.

The recipients will receive an email as per the one above.

You can view the list of Recipients you have sent the Risk Review to by selecting View Invites.

Your Clients can now click on the link, download the mobile app, sign-up, and complete the Risk Review. For instructions on this, click here.

To learn how to view the results of your Client Risk Reviews, click here.