Automated Risk Treatment Plans

Select Risks in the left side panel (1) and click Libraries (2).


Select a Risk in the Risk Libraries table. 

On the right side of the screen, a panel will appear, click on the arrow next to Risk treatment plan to view linked treatment plans. 

Select the + to link new treatment plans to the selected risk. 

When Adding a Treatment Plan you can either Create a New plan or link an existing plan. Click the + next to the treatment plan to add it to the risk. 



Risk Treatment Plans in QBA's and RBA's 

Once a risk has been added to a QBA or RBA Assessment a list of recommended risks will appear. These recommended risks also have treatment plans attached to them. Learn how to add automated risk to RBA's and QBA's here. 

Select Audits and Assessments from left side panel. 

Click the Completed tab. 

If the assessment is a QBA (1) click the results button. If the assessment is an RBA (2) click the assessment name. 

Both for QBA and RBA under Results in the right side panel click the Risks dropdown arrow. 

Click on a recommended risk. 

Click the dropdown arrow next to Risk Treatment Plan to view the risk treatment plans associated with that risk. 

A recommended risk may already exist in the risk register. Therefore users can choose to create a new version of this risk on the risk register or link the question response to the risk that already exists in the risk register. When you click to link the recommended risk and a version of this recommended risk already exists on the risk register, they will be asked to compare the recommended risk and the risk that exists on the risk register.

The user can then view the recommended risk with the risk that already exists on the risk register, and select whether they want to create a new version of the recommended risk (1), or link the question response to the existing risk on the risk register (2).

If the recommended risk is chosen in the previous step the risk treatment plan modal will appear. In this step, it will ask to either choose the existing or recommend a treatment plan. If there are multiple treatment plans under either recommended or existing. The user will need to choose recommended or existing for each of the risk treatment plans. 

In the below example, under the recommended heading there are three recommended risk treatment plans. The user will have to choose whether they want to use the recommended risk treatment plan associated with the risk or the risk treatment plan already added to the risk register. 

Once all selections have been made for all risk treatment plans the Complete and Close button will turn blue. 

The risk will appear under Linked Risks