6clicks Pulse - Web App

The Pulse Dashboard utilises 6clicks exclusive Hailey AI technology to provide you with a live global news feed on all topics relevant to Risk Domains of your choice, including the ability to upload your own posts, creating an interactive internal communication system within your Team.

To begin, select three or more Risk Domains then click the Let's Go! button.

To further customise your Pulse feed select the settings icon at the top right of the Your Pulse section.

In the Manage my network screen there are two options, the People | Follow screen and the Risk Domains screen, each with a dedicated search bar at the top right, providing a quick way to filter through options when needed.

The People | Follow tab displays a profile of each user in your team and allows the option to follow or unfollow each member, click on the button in each profile to update.

Select Follow on a team member and all articles posted on their Pulse will appear in your feed, and vice versa.

Select Unfollow to stop viewing articles posted by a team member.

When a team member that you follow posts an item and it appears in your Pulse feed you can like, comment or share the post.

To like the post select the thumbs up icon, the icon will update colour to confirm successful like has been added.

To comment on the post, type in the blank field underneath the Like/Comment/Share icons, next to your user initials then select the Post button.

Select Share to open a message modal where you can enter in your own message, select the Post button and this will appear at the top of the Pulse feed to everyone in your team.

The Risk Domains screen displays categories that can be followed, these will gather live news articles relating to each category followed and add them to your Pulse feed.

Return to your Dashboard to view the news articles relating to the Risk Domains selected.

Your Pulse is displayed in the middle of your Dashboard by default, and can be moved to the left or hidden using the buttons on the top right of the screen.


Learn about further Dashboard functions and more.